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Field Report - March 25 - 31, 2024
Field Report - March 25 - 31, 2024

Greetings from soggy New Jersey!  It seems that it’s been raining for weeks!  This has put a big damper on my ability to get out and see the local eagles, so this weeks field report will be fairly short.

I do have some exciting news about John & Sandy!

 Though their nest is on state owned property, to be able to access the area where the nest is, you must do so through a private yard.  I’ve gotten to know the property owner and he’s given me permission to come onto his property to observe / photograph the eagles.

He told me last week that NJ Fish & Wildlife came by to do a nest observation and they reported that their is one eaglet in the nest!  I have no idea how they know this, but it’s very exciting.  I won’t be able to see it until it’s big enough to pop it’s head over the top of the nest but I’m waiting patiently.  The state said that the eaglet is about one moth old.

March 25

I stopped by the nest and as expected the female was on the nest.   I didn’t see the male.  I stayed for about an hour, hoping that the male would return but that was not to be.

My view of the eagles nest.  It's at lest a few hundred yards away

Sandy still taking care of business

March 29

I stopped by the the nest once again and this time, the male was hanging out on the highest tree limb keeping an eye on things.  It was very windy and difficult to get any decent photos, so I didn’t stay long.  Maybe 20 minutes.

John sitting on the highest limb keeping an eye on things

March 31

There is a landfill just over the river in PA that I’ve been told attracts a large number of eagles.  I decided to take a ride there to see what I could find.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t much.

As I was driving, I did see a couple of juvies flying high over a lake and saw one other eagle  sitting in a tree.

I also, had some intel on the location of a nest that I was able to find and was able to get a couple of ok photos of the nest.

This eagle was sitting by a nest I was seeing for the first time

Some of the other photographers that I know have told of days that they’ve seen 20 + eagles there so I’ll have to keep checking back.

Final Thoughts

There hasn’t been much activity at my local pond.  I did have one do a very quick ‘fly by’ on Friday and saw John sitting on the cell tower when I was headed to work Monday night.

With the leaves filling in on the trees, it’s becoming increasingly hard to spot them in the trees.  They may be there, but their obscured from the trees.

When the trees are bare, it’s actually fairly easy for me to find even at a great distance.  I look for the white heads which usually stand out against the dark trees.  I use my 

I hope everyone has a good week and and as always, if you have any questions or comments, you can leave them below.

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