I'm often asked, how do I create the photographs that I take?
My long answer is that I've always felt that there are two unique skills necessary to be a successful photographer.  The first part is the Artistic Vision.  This requires me to use my imagination to 'see' an image that I believe will create a unique photograph.
As I go about my daily life, I see images waiting to be photographed everywhere.  Whether they are flowers I see in the garden, a reflection in a puddle as I'm walking down the street or a bird sitting on the fence in my yard, I see a beautiful photograph.
The second part is what I refer to as the Science of Photography.  Using this amazing tool we call a camera, and applying the knowledge acquired through years of training and practice, I'll apply the science to the art and strive to create the image I've envisioned.
Photography is my life's passion.  Nothing gives me greater joy than to see the smile on someone's face as they view one of my photographs.

Presenting my view of the world one pixel at a time...

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