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About Jack Kosowsky

My Story

Hey! I'm 61. Married. Two amazing kids. Two incredible grandson. Grew up on the Jersey Shore and now live near Princeton, NJ.  

I consider myself somewhere between an aspiring amateur and a starving artist.

I primarily photograph birds and flowers.  Birds are certainly the most challenging type of photography I've ever done.  They are typically small and very fast.  Many days, I come back with nothing I like, but there is something special, being out in nature and getting to document so many beautiful creatures.

I also love to take pictures in New York City. I feel it's the greatest photography studio in the world!  When the weather turns cold, I find myself photographing flowers or other fun subjects in my in-home studio.

My Hobbies

Well obviously photography is a big number one. After taking pictures, my next favorite thing is to view other peoples photos. I spend lots of time on Instagram and other photo sites enjoying the work of all the other amazing photographers out there!

I'm also an avid reader and read at least one book a week! I enjoy most anything, fiction, biography, history. You name it!

My Gear

My two camera bodies are a Canon R6 and R7.

I use the R7 for birds and the R6 for pretty much everything else.  

For lenses, I use the Canon RF100-500 for birds.  Coupled with the R7, it makes for an amazing combo.

I also have a Canon RF14-35 f/4, Canon RF24-105 f/4 & a Canon RF100mm macro lens.  If I'm looking to travel light, and carry a single lens, I'll take the Canon 24-240.

I'm also using my Apple iPhone 14 PRO more and more.  This is an incredible camera and love that it's always with me.

My favorite accessory is my Platypod (if you don't know what it is, look it up!). 

I use Photoshop & Lightroom for my post processing which I run on an Apple Studio and Lightroom Mobile on my iPad.

How I do What I do

I'm often asked, how do I create the photographs that I take?

My long answer is that I've always felt that there are two unique skills necessary to be a successful photographer. The first part is the Artistic Vision. This requires me to use my imagination to 'see' an image that I believe will create a unique photograph.

As I go about my daily life, I see images waiting to be photographed everywhere. Whether they are flowers I see in the garden, a reflection in a puddle as I'm walking down the street or a bird sitting on the fence in my yard, I see a beautiful photograph.

The second part is what I refer to as the Science of Photography. Using this amazing tool we call a camera, and applying the knowledge acquired through years of training and practice, I'll apply the science to the art and strive to create the image I've envisioned.

Photography is my life's passion. Nothing gives me greater joy than to see the smile on someone's face as they view one of my photographs.

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