Field Report - Mar 11-17 , 2024

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Field Report - Mar 11-17 , 2024
Field Report - Mar 11-17 , 2024

Hello everybody.  I hope everyone has had a good week.  We’ve had some beautiful Spring weather here in NJ over the past week.  The daffodils and forsythias are starting to bloom and the trees are beginning to get buds.

I actually had to cut my grass this past week.  I believe that this was the earliest I ever had to cut it.  Anyways, I digress.

I was able to get out and check on the local eagles a few times this week with good results.

John & Sandy Update

I’ll start off with an update on our expecting parents.  I did get over to check on the progress at the nest one day this week.  Sandy is still spending nearly all of her time on the nest.  At this point in the nesting season, I’m making the assumption that if the eggs are viable that they would have hatched by now.

Sandy on the nest.  Would love to know if she's looking at her babies

We won’t know for sure until any eaglets are big enough to see be seen over the top lip of the nest.  Fortunately, they do grow quickly and I’d expect that if there are babies in the nest, they’ll be visible sometime in the latter part of April.

I did see John hanging by the nest when I was there.  It’s as if he plays the role of security guard, perched  on a high branch nearby, keeping an eye on the goings on.

Eagles & Herons

I stopped by a park where I had seen eagles earlier in the season but hadn’t visited in some time.  The park has a large lake with a small island.  Generally the eagles will hang in the tallest tree on the island.  

Well, this time of year, the trees on the island become a rookery for Blue Herons.  I counted 10 separate nests within a couple trees.  

I did see an adult and a juvie chasing each other around the lake and was quite surprised to see the adult land in the tree amongst the Blue Heron nests.  Neither the eagle or the Blue Heron seemed bothered by the other.

Eagle departing the from the Blue Heron Rookery

Meanwhile at my pond…

I see eagles at my local pond most every day.  John makes regular appearances to pick up a fish or two for Sandy.  I also see periodic adults and sub-adults and juvies that are passing through.  There’s been a juvie & sub-adult that have been hanging around the pond for a couple weeks now.

Below are a few of the photos I got at the pond this week.  Though he is spending most of his time at the nest, John is still stopping by the pond to pick up take-out for Sandy.

John with something to say

John returning to the nest with breakfast for Sandy

This is the sub-adult that I've been seeing at my pond for the past week or so

Based upon my experiences from previous years, we are getting close to the end of the season where I’m able to observe the local eagles.  Truthfully, once the leaves come in on the trees, I’m not sure if I just can’t see them or if they move on for the Spring or Summer.

I’ll keep at it as long as there is something to observe and keep writing regular reports.

I hope everyone has a good week and as always, if you have any questions or comments, you can leave them 

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