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Field Report - Jan 29 - Feb 4,2024
Field Report - Jan 29 - Feb 4,2024

Greetings everyone.  I hope that you all have had a good week.

I was able to get out looking for eagles 4 times this past week and found them 3 of the 4.

I’ve recently learned of the nest location of the pair that I routinely see.  (John & Sandy).  Though the nest is on public land, it is only accessible through private property.  The owner has given me permission to come onto his property to observe & photograph the eagles from a safe distance.  Do not ask me the location of the nest as I will not reveal it.  Sorry.   I’ve been sworn to secrecy!


January 30, 2024

I visited the nesting location for the first time.  Both the male & female were in the general area of the nest but not on the nest.  

In the above photo, you can get an idea as to how big an eagle nest is.  They are generally 4-6 feet in diameter, 3 feet deep and can weigh up to 2,000 pound


Sandy perched near the nest


February 1,2024

I returned to the nest and upon arrival I did not observe them.  From my vantage point, you are looking up at the nest and only able to see approx. 1/3 of the nest.  After about 20 minutes, both John & Sandy flew from the nest area to nearby perches.

I hung with them for about 45 minutes and was able to grab a few so-so photos.  John took off in the direction of the pond where I usually see him  I stayed another 10 minutes and headed out.  

I took a ride by his regular pond and he was on his favorite branch.  I watched him for a bit before he took off.

Sandy keeping an eye on the nest

After leaving the nesting area, I met up with John back on his usual perch


February 3-4

This past weekend, we experienced some beautiful weather and I had a feeling that I’d find a decent number of eagles at the county park.  

I visited both Saturday and Sunday and there were approximately 15 eagles each day.  Saturday there was lot’s of aerial activity, primarily amongst the juveniles.  

The juvies seem to enjoy antagonizing one another as they put on a quite a display of ‘aerial combat’.  This is a normal behavior as the juveniles look to find their way in the eagle hierarchy and attempt to exert some dominance.

Here’s a few photos of the juvies engaged in some air-to-air maneuvers. 

I also got to see a juvie grab a fish and then land in a tree right behind me where he enjoyed his sushi lunch.


One final photo.  I was able to photograph this adult grabbing a fish.  I was about 200 yards away but was still able to come away with an ok photo.

It looks like it’s going to be a good upcoming week of weather and I should be able to get out a  few times and check in on my local eagles. 

Until next time…

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