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Welcome - Jan 08, 2024
Welcome -  Jan 08, 2024

Welcome!  This is my first post to what I plan to be a regular dialog regarding my adventures as a Bald Eagle Photographer.

I am presently taking an advanced photography course that will last about a year and the first question the instructor asked us to start the very first class was, 'What kind of photographer are you?  To me this was a great question as I have struggled over the past year trying to figure out where I should take my photography next.

I had a hard time coming up with an answer to the question as I have come to feel that I'd been all over the place as a photographer and I'd grown tired of photographing my previous genres and was looking for a new challenge.

It finally hit me!  I'm a Bald Eagle Photographer!  Sure, it's a very narrow genre and I doubt there are many others who consider themself to be Bald Eagle photographers but that's what I am!

I'm very fortunate in that though I live in the New Jesey suburbs, I live in very close proximity to a number of locations that Eagles frequent.  In fact, I can walk to one of their favorite locations from my house.  I try to stop by and take some pics 4-5 times a week and probably have about a 75% success rate in finding them.

Being able to be in the company of such amazing birds and with a little luck, capturing images that others will enjoy  is something that I'm very passionate about.

My plan for this Blog is to provide regular trip reports, provide tips in photographing eagles and sharing my knowledge and insight into their behavoir and habits.

I encourage you to leave me any comments and feedback that you may have.  I love to teach and mentor, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Until next time!

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