Snow Birds in Love - How I got the Photo - Apr 21, 2024

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Snow Birds in Love - How I got the Photo - Apr 21, 2024
Snow Birds in Love - How I got the Photo - Apr 21, 2024

As the season where I'm able observe & photograph the local Bald Eagles winds down, I thought I'd look back at a few of the better photos I've been able to get this year and share the backstory of what went into capturing this photo.

I've mentioned before the element of luck that goes into photography.  Sometimes, you're just in the right spot at the right time and something magical happens.  I prefer to look at it slightly differently.  I like to say, I put myself into the position to get lucky.

What do I mean?

Simply, I've done all of the necessary preparations.  I have the right camera and lens.  I have it dialed in to the right settings.  I know where to go to find the eagles.  As in the case of this photo, I was willing to go out in a snow storm and I'm willing to put the time in with the hopes that something special will happen.

The day I took this picture, I had an errand to run that was close by to where I periodically see eagles.  It was just beginning to snow and I grabbed my camera, figuring I'd stop and see if they were around before doing my errand.

Typically, I can see if the eagles are on their perch as soon as I get out of my car.  With the visibility low due to the snow, I began to make my way in the direction of their perch.  Literally, not a minute later, I see one eagle fly right over my head and then the second heading in the direction of their favorite tree.

As I made my way towards the spot where I photograph them, I dialed in the settings on my camera.

I raised the camera and hammered away on the shutter button.  I had no idea how the snow would affect the cameras focus.  I just wanted to get as many photos as I could and 'hoped' that one was in good focus.

They only stayed for about 2 minutes and fortunately I got the shot!  They stayed in the area for a couple minutes and I was able to get a few more photos of them flying together in the snow.

Once they departed the area, I did the same.

Why do I like this photo?

When I critique one of my photos, the first thing I ask myself, 'Is the photo technically sound?'  By this, I mean  is the photo in focus?  Is it properly exposed?Are the light areas bright and the dark.

Also, with the snow, you immediately know that it's a cold day and they are staying close together to stay warm.   I love the gesture of the two eagles touching.  It adds the element of love and friendship to the image.  I don't feel that the photo would have the impact if they weren't touching.

So for me, this photo ticks all the boxes of what makes a good image.  It is one that I'm glad to have in my portfolio.

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Below are a couple of others that I was able to get that same day.

I hope everyone has a good week and as always, you can ask any questions or leave your comments below.

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