Late Season Update - May 10, 2024

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Late Season Update - May 10, 2024
Late Season Update - May 10, 2024

Hello everyone.   I hope you are all doing well!  This may very well be my last Bald Eagle field report of the season.  Typically my Bald Eagle season runs from October through early April.  It basically coincides to when the trees are bare and I’m able to see the eagles perched on the trees branches

Once the leaves fill in, it becomes nearly impossible for me to see where they are.  Plus, I believe they move around a lot more in the warmer months.  Probably heading north where it’s cooler.

So, though I’ve gone out and looked for them over the past couple of weeks, I haven’t seen much.

I did stop by John & Sandy’s nest on Monday.  The nest is nearly 100% obscured by the leaves, but I was able to find one tiny spot where I could get a clear view to the nest.

I was able to find one tiny spot between the leaves to see the nest

The 2 eaglets both appear to be doing great!  They appear to be nearly full size.  I had a good view of one of them, while the other stayed hidden behind a branch most of the time.

I expect that they will be fledging the nest very soon and heading out to start their lives. 

Neither John or Sandy were near the nest.  I’m sure that they are both making regular stops at the nest to ensure the 2 little ones are well fed.

It’s now been over 2 weeks since I’ve seen either John or Sandy.

A few of you have asked me what do I photograph outside of Bald Eagle season? 

I also enjoy the challenge of photographing humming birds.  I’ve got a great park about half an hour away that has a garden that attracts them.  I usually see them there starting in late June or July.

I’ve also got a couple other parks nearby that are left wild that attract large numbers of birds.  In fact yesterday, I wandered around one of them and came home with a few nice photos of Blue Birds.

I will also spend some time in New York City which is about an hour away from me  trying to capture unique images of the architecture, people and city life.

I do plan to keep the blog going through the summer months, but probably  not at the same frequency.

I've also been adding more photos to my on-line Store for you to purchase.  I encourage you to check these out and appreciate you taking the time to do so.

As always,  if you have any questions or comments, you can leave them for me below.

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