Eaglet Update - Apr 30, 2024

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Eaglet Update - Apr 30, 2024
Eaglet Update - Apr 30, 2024

Being able to photograph and share my pictures of the eagles is only part of the enjoyment I get from spending time with the eagles.  I never get over just being able to observe these incredible birds.  

To think, just a few years ago, there was only a SINGLE nesting pair in New Jersey and now there is close to 300 and 2 of which are very close to where I live.

So yesterday, I took a hike to the nest in Bordentown to check on how Eagle Family #2 is doing.

The nest is a decent hike down the D&R Canal tow path. As the leaves fill in, it’s become more difficult to find a spot where you can see the nest.

When I got there, the female was perched on the nest and I was able to see movements of her baby.  I waited some time until the baby peeked it’s head out giving me a clear (if not great) photo.

Based on the size of the eaglet, my guess is that it's probably around 3 weeks old.

The newest addition to Eagle Family #2

On my way home, I decided to stop by and check on John & Sandy’s and their baby to see how everyone is doing..     The area where I’m able to observe them is heavily wooded and again, it’s getting difficult to see the nest clearly.

I was able to detect some movement on the left side of the nest and eventually was able to see the baby.   I then saw what I thought was one of the parents moving around in the background.  I couldn’t see the head and made the assumption it was the parent.

Eventually, it popped it’s head out and was surprised to see the brown head.  There are two babies!!  This was the first time I’d seen two eaglets at the nest.

Again, the photo isn't anything great, but you can clearly see there are two eaglets in the nest.

They both appear to be doing great.  I plan to check back on them in a few days and will provide regular updates and hopefully better photos.

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